The Schizophrenic Song of Oneself

December 8, 2010

On any given day, one person can play various roles.  Maxine’s mother, as we all do, is not the same person from day to day.  Humans are creatures who constantly change based on their environment.  Evolution is a process that ensures that only those who can adapt survive.  Look at science, for instance: treatments for cancer and AIDS are being looked into, better bombs are being built, and outer space is being looked into for colonization, all in the name of being able to survive.

It’s not just threats to the quality of life that demand people change, it’s their place in the world as well.  The company a person keeps, as well as their social class often demand different behaviours.  I wouldn’t treat a stranger exactly the same way I’d treat a close friend of mine.  They’d get a degree of courtesey, but respect must be earned.

Mood is also something that can alter how a person is on a certain day.  If I’m in a bad mood, I’d be less willing to do something carefully as opposed to taking my time.  It’s a bit selfish, but that’s how a bad mood can be.  If I’m sad, I’d be sensitive and quiet.  People do the strangest things to meet their needs, and sometimes the needs of others.

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